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Timbangan Bayi Yamamoto

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baby scale

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Timbangan bayi

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merk Yamamoto Giken

20kg baby scale grad= 0-10kg 50g. 10-20kg 100g

The instrument is a recently- stability- wide adaptation
broad weight range- featuring logical design- technique
and convenient operation. The instrument is an ideal indispensable
equipment suitable for the proper nursing of infant health care.

Tehnical data cap=20kg grad= 0-10kg 50g. 10-20kg 100g.

dimension= 170x350x600mm weight= 4kg.

usage= when using the scale- firstly put it on the firm and level platform
regulate it to zero- put the baby on the pan of scale and read weight from scale directly.

Additional Information

Berat bayi max

20 kg

tingkatan skala 0 10 kg

per 50 g

tingkatan skala 10 20 kg

per 100 g