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Suction pump St.Francis

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Suction pump (Pindah gudang atas) St.Francis SU-305/Taiwan

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Suction Pump Medical Equipment

Merk ST Francis
Super power suction unit suction indicator 0-30cmHg inHg. Suction changer
Suction regulator Low and High. Tombol ON/OFF. 2botol Gemmy ukuran 0-3000ml

Panjang= 47cm. Lebar= 34cm. Tinggi= 82cm

Operation instruction=
1. Check electrical specifications prior to use of this equipment.
2. Close bottle cover properly. Turn switch to ON positon
3. Connect suction tubing with bottle cover and fittings and regulate aspiration rate
by turning the suction regulator.
4. Switch power OFF before foot switch is applied.

Caution & maintenance=
a. To avoid electrical shock always disconnect from power supply prior to maintenance
and servicing.
b. Always refer servicing to qualified engineers.
c. Always keep oil sufficient in pump.
d. Disassembly of this equipment is limited to licensed enginners.
e. Clean this equipment after every operation.
f. Fragile handle with care
g. This equipment shall be stored under the condition of room temperature.

How to refresh lubricated oil=
a. Disconnect from power supply and disassemble the eqipment.
b. Remove hose from the inlet (part B) of pump. Switch power ON
c. Refill sufficient oil into the inlet. Check the pump viewer.
d. Switch power OFF and assemble the equipment.

Volt=230v. Amp=5A.

ST Francis medical equipment
Made in Taipei Taiwan