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Cannula Nasal Oxygen YG

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Cannula nasal oxygen merk yamamoto giken

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Nasal Oxygen Cannula Medical Consumables

Merk Yamamoto Giken

Safety tips for oxygen use=
Taping the cannula : slip the cannula over the childs head so the nasal prongs curve inward-toward the face.
For children under two years of age- apply one piece of hape on either check to hold cannula- An extra piece of tape may be
put down the top of nose if needed. Older children may secure by hooking it in their nose and looping sides over ears.
After attaching cannula tighten the loop arround thehead to make it snug.
Cleaning the Cannula : Clean cannula with soap and water. Dry cannula in air for 24 hours. Make sure no water remains in cannula.
This could block oxygen flow Clean the cannulas at least once a week or when they appear dirty.
Tips :

  1. Keep stationary oxygen tank upright for safety reasons.
  2. Keep oxygen tank at least five feet from the heat source and electrical devices. The heat from these sources can add to the pressure in the tank. Incressed pressure may cause the tank to explode.
  3. “No smoking” should be enforced around the oxygen tank and infant. Oxygen can catch fire easily and smoking adds to risk of fire.
  4. Avoid use of oil or alcoholbased substances such as petroleum jelly or baby oil. Alcohol and oil are both highly flammable and increase the risk of fire.
  5. Have the child wear cotton clothing avoid silks- wools and synthetics that cause static. Static may start a fire.
  6. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby to put fires out quickly.
  7. Turn off both the volume regulator and flow regulator when oxygen is not in use. This prevents oxygen from leaking out of the tank.
  8. Never try to open the oxygen tank! That is dangerous.