EA.40 Air motor high speed for dental unit merk NSK (2)
EA.40 Air motor high speed for dental unit merk NSK (3)

Air Motor High Speed NSK

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Air motor high speed for dental unit NSK

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Air motor high speed for dental unit NSK (Handpiece) Dental Instruments

merk NSK model OM-T008E

important notes

1. Safety Precautions. the air turbine handpiece runs at an extremely high speed such as 400000
relolutions perminute. Improper handling of the handpiece. use of incorrect but. improper mounting
of a bur and extended use of noisy catridge may lead to an accident and injury. premature ball bearing
failure. bur walk out. impairment of your hearing. etc. follow the instructions below.
A. do not use a bent damaged. or non-concentric bur.
B. use a bur of ISO standard shank diameter and the correct length as specified in the owner or operation manual.
C. mount the bur chuck correctly as instructed in the said manual.
D. replace the cartridge or send for repair as soon as abnormal conditions are noticed.
E. do not run the handpiece without a bur- or a bur loosely mounted.
F. Always securely mount a bur in the chuck- even while it is not in use
G.Mounting of catridge: a. to install a capsule type cartridge with the guide slot in the handpiece head.
Push it down or pull the bur blank or a bur down to set in place. b. mount the head cap
mate the threads with fingeres and screw in until finger-tight. Securely fasten the cap with the wrench provided.
do not use the wrench form the first thread.
H. screw type cartridge: a. do not tighten the chuck without a bur in it.
b. A 1/4 to 1/2 counter clockwise turn of a chuck is sufficient to remove a bur. Excessive turning may cause the
chuck to biind into the head cap.
I. ultra push type cartridge (prevention of button heating) do not press the push button during rotation.
Contact with check tissue may cause the push-button to depress and burn to the patient may occur.

2. cleaning of handpiece. A. do not use wire brush to clean the handpiece sheath. Wipe clean with
alcohol immersed cloth or cotton swab. B. do not clean in an ultrasonic bath- boiling water- nor chemicals.
c. to clean the turbine cartridge. spray a lubricant into the drive air tube of the handpiece until a good amount of
oil comes out of the head. Run for a while to drive out excess oil. Repeat until dirty oil dose not come out the head.

3. Lubrication : adequate lubrication to the bearings is a must for an extended bearing life. Lubricate twice a day
(see 4. sterilization for frequency of lubrication). A. spray as described in 2.3 or b. supply 2-3 drops of oil into the
drive air tube of the handpiece and run for a while.

4. Sterilization: a. autoclaving is recommended
b. do not use dry-heat sterilization. C. autoclaving procedure: clean the handpiece sheath- clean the beating with
spray lubricant as described in 2.3 lubricate as described in 3 place the handpiece in an autoclaving pouch with
one or both sides of paper and seal- autoclavable up to a max. 135 c. autoclave for 20 min at 121 c or 15 min at 132 c
before using on a patient- run the handpiece for a while to drive out excess oil and check for any abnormalities.

made in Japan